Thursday, February 7, 2019

Snowing at our water reservoir

Snowing at our water reservoir by Milen Mladenov on 500px.com

Ogosta reservoir is one of the biggest in our country and nicest places to spend some time admiring the real winter weather. At this point it is not snowing in our region, so I've searched through my photos from last year and found this image. The safe tower that you can see in the lower right corner was made with the idea to be used as a guard post, but as you can imagine it is not usable today. However I find it significant for this place and something that helps everyone recognize where the image was taken. i wish there was more snow this winter, but at least we have our photographs to see how the world looked like in different seasons, right? If you happen to pass by Montana, Bulgaria, definitely take some time to admire our water reservoir - depending on the season it looks very different.